COVID-19 and Sports

To all our Patients and their Families:

Fortunately, most children who get the COVID virus have mild symptoms.
However, there have been some children, including those who had only mild
symptoms or even some who have had no symptoms at all, who have
experienced problems with their hearts. Many experts recommend that any child
who has had a positive test for COVID, no matter how mild, be cleared by their
doctor before returning to sports. You need to be especially careful about
symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, irregular heartbeats or

We recommend that all children who have had COVID come for a visit prior to
returning to sports or to any type of intense exercise. Please call the office to

Thank you and we hope that you all continue to be well and that this pandemic
will be over soon. Thank you again for bearing with us as our policies and
procedures continue to change over time in an attempt to keep up with all of the
latest available information.

Drs. Finkelstein, Cardin, Wandishin and George