COVID-19 Vaccine is available at our office

To Our Patients and their Families:

Our office has obtained the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine which has been approved for children ages 12 and above.  We recommend that children in this age group receive the vaccine.

Visits for the vaccine may be scheduled by calling the office.

In addition, we are able vaccinate parents or adult siblings of our patients.


​Children need protection from COVID-19 both for their health and the health of family and friends. New COVID-19 variants and more in-person activities mean the virus is still being transmitted, and kids are still getting sick.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available to kids 12-years old and up, getting the vaccine is the best thing to do for your child’s health.

Here’s a checklist as you prepare for your child’s COVID-19 vaccination:

  • Be sure your child is up to date on all routine immunizations. If they’re behind on their shots, call your pediatrician’s office to make an appointment to get caught up. There’s no need to wait after these routine shots to get the COVID-19 shot.
  • Call your child’s pediatrician or primary care doctor and tell them you’re planning to have your child vaccinated. Ask them questions and share any concerns you may have.
  • Schedule your child’s COVID-19 vaccine appointment at your pediatrician’s office, vaccination clinic, pharmacy, community vaccination site, church or school. Some sites may even have walk-in hours.
  • To help find a local COVID-19 vaccine provider, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s VaccineFinder or text GETVAX (438829) or VACUNA for Spanish (822862) to receive three vaccine sites on your phone within seconds. Or, Call the National COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance Hotline at 1-800-232-0233 for those who prefer to get information via phone call.
  • Be sure the vaccine brand being given at your location is Pfizer. This is the only currently authorized vaccine for children ages 12-17 in the United States.
  • After your child receives their first vaccine, schedule the second dose.
  • Keep the paper vaccination card you will receive! Take a photo of it or copy it and keep everything in a safe place.
  • Don’t laminate the vaccination card, in case more information needs to be added. To avoid identity theft risk, don’t share a photo of the card on social media
  • After the second vaccine dose, send a copy of the card to your pediatrician’s office. The office can include this in your child’s medical record. You may also need to send a copy to your child’s school or college health office.


Your child is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine. They can get back to activities they enjoy like sports, choir, plays and parties with some added confidence that they are protected!


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Office Policy Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

To all our patients:

Please note:  Masks are still required in medical facilities, even for vaccinated individuals.  Please wear  your mask in our office.  

Effective 2/24/21 our office will abide by the following procedures:

1. There will be no walk-in visits.
2. Weekend hours will continue for sick visits but all appointments will need to be scheduled.
6. Forms should be mailed, faxed or sent through the portal. They can be
returned by mail, fax or through the portal.

COVID-19 PCR testing is available at our office when deemed appropriate by a physician during a scheduled office visit (with a 24-48 hour turnaround time).  We are not currently offering rapid COVID-19 testing.

We understand that our new policy creates a situation where there may be a
delay in seeing a sick patient. If you believe it is unsafe to wait until an
appointment is available, please talk to us by phone. Please do not visit urgent
care centers or the emergency rooms unless absolutely necessary.

The emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community has forced us to
change some of our office policies and procedures to assure the health and well-
being of all our patients and staff. While we understand these changes may
inconvenience some of you, we believe the changes will increase the safety of
everyone in our community. Once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, we expect
to resume our past practices. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Please check our website for any office policy changes. We are constantly
evaluating the situation and will make changes as necessary.

Virtual Visit Notice

Our office will be providing virtual visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. These visits will allow us to see and hear each other to conduct a full visit, but they occur over a computer connection (or a smart phone if you have the myPrivia app), not in person. At the present time we will be using these visits to care for patients who have fever and cough or shortness of breath in order to decrease the chance of community transmission of COVID-19.    Virtual visits can also be scheduled for medication checks, rashes and some other acute problems. Virtual visits can be scheduled by phone with our office.


Please know that our office is still open to provide care to all our patients. Well visits  for infants should continue as scheduled. These appointments are scheduled before sick patients come into the office.


We are still seeing sick visits in our office as needed. Please schedule all visits by phone with our office.   All patients who come into our office will be screened for risk factors for COVID-19.

Below is a link to the most recent information from the CDC.
Please continue to check our website as we will continue to update it with any new information and any changes in our practices and policies.

COVID-19 and Sports

To all our Patients and their Families:

Fortunately, most children who get the COVID virus have mild symptoms.
However, there have been some children, including those who had only mild
symptoms or even some who have had no symptoms at all, who have
experienced problems with their hearts. Many experts recommend that any child
who has had a positive test for COVID, no matter how mild, be cleared by their
doctor before returning to sports. You need to be especially careful about
symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, irregular heartbeats or

We recommend that all children who have had COVID come for a visit prior to
returning to sports or to any type of intense exercise. Please call the office to

Thank you and we hope that you all continue to be well and that this pandemic
will be over soon. Thank you again for bearing with us as our policies and
procedures continue to change over time in an attempt to keep up with all of the
latest available information.

Drs. Finkelstein, Cardin, Wandishin and George

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